Watch Kate McKinnon’s heartbreaking SNL cold open


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Twas awesomeness ten fold.


This has been posted by a few of my friends on Facebook; SNL really nailed it. I thought it was beautifully done and I have a lot of respect for Kate McKinnon’s talent.


I was waiting the joke that never came. Dave Chappelle… I never took to him, and I found his monologue rather disjointed.


Or don’t, right? “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


John Oliver: how to resist the normalization of Trump

Is this where I get to rant about the no warnings Walking Dead spoiler that came later in the show? The huge season cliff hanger (that only aired a few weeks ago - not like were 6 months out) and they blow it in the Chapelle Show styled monologue to introduce the skit, before one could even think - Ooo, I may not want to watch this.

I only see the show (Walking Dead) after the previous season come out on Netflix and for 6 seasons have been very careful and almost entirely successful at avoiding (at least overt, big plot move) spoilers. Now it seems that we as a culture or the industry itself has decided we’re not gonna bother anymore.

Things change rapidly these days, and I’ve wondered how were gonna continue to deal with this. But I didn’t think SPOILER WARNING would just suddenly be replaced with AHH, FUCK IT.

Rant over. Thank you for your time.

PS: It feels good to rant about a mediocre TV show for a moment as if the world isn’t falling down around us.


I wouldn’t have thought that song could describe one of the core problems in American politics that led to this awful outcome, but that’s Leonard Cohen for you.


I never saw either show - so the whole skit made no sense to me whatsoever.


Pretty much the whole episode was great, from this, to Chappelle’s stuff, and A Tribe Called Quest…


I thought it was good stuff. I’ve always loved him.


It’s nice to see him back though. I root for anyone who had a rough go at things. Well, not everyone but people who are genuinely good.


He really is. The anecdote at the end about being in the white house with all black people (and Bradley Cooper) was beautiful. His show was just so excellent and I’m sorry that some white people not getting his jokes ruined it.


By invoking the arcane phrase “Vee. Pee. Enn.” I conjured up the video on my internet machine. In your face, capitalism!


I :heart:Kate McKinnon. That is fact.

I dunno here, though- SNL has had Trump on a pile of times, and when they finally stepped up to the plate (a bit), it was some… tepid… skits on the debates. I’d have hoped for a more scathing approach to a man so obviously and plainly a monster.
I guess I’m not ready to write them a pass just yet.


Jimmy Fallon is going to have to work very hard to get off my shit list. I forget where I read it but someone described his show as “Someone gave a Golden Retriever a late night talk show”. I generally cannot stand shows that primarily feature celebrities fawning over each other, but the way he handled Trump to me was inexcusable. Gave the guy a complete pass. At least frame the question as if you’re not asking it: “What would you say to the people out there who are considering voting for you, but think you have said some racist things.” Not … I’m gonna touch your hair and what not.


I’m surprised that SNL didn’t choose to rerun its Trump-hosted episode from a year ago. Y’know, the one where SNL helped him seem like a lovable scamp rather than a dangerous, hateful buffoon?


Ratings before country.


It’s the friggin’ Tonight Show. Has any host of the Tonight Show EVER asked a guest a remotely difficult question about something controversial?? The Tonight Show host’s job is to make guests seem relatable to the audience and to set up whatever conversation or schtick the guest arranged with the producers ahead of time so that the guests can promote whatever they came to promote (usually a TV show or book, sometimes a presidential campaign).

I agree that making Trump (as opposed to some random celebrity) seem relatable and fun has real consequences, and maybe the Tonight Show simply shouldn’t have had him on (I definitely think SNL shouldn’t have let him host). But whining about how the host of the Tonight Show treated Trump like every single other guest who has ever come on the show in its 62 years on the air? There are better targets for your wrath.


I’ve spread out my wrath. I’m not trying to get the show off the air - he’s just on my shit list. And sometime in the next few days I’ll come up with some clips of Leno or Carson asking a tough question. It’s not the tonight show, but Letterman was tough on him.


But, but

Posted after the election, naturally.