As in 2016 'SNL' has Dave Chappelle host week after presidential election

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Dave Chappelle can kick rocks with no socks.


I so hope he gets heckled that night.


SNL also had A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guests that night. Unfortunately, fate has prevented them from repeating their gig.


SNL is tainted by its GOP supporter in chief Lorne Michaels. The show can be funny at times but knowing what the man behind the curtain believes in sorta kills it for me.


To be fair - lots of people were in “Well shit. Maybe he won’t be so bad.” mode. Because we haven’t had someone so bad in living memory. Misplaced hope.

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Anyone watch this?

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This time it’s the Foo Fighters. The “Buck Henry” of SNL musical guests. Always reliable when you don’t want to work too hard.

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I saw the opening monologue. Chapelle wasn’t even trying to be funny, it seemed like. He was trying to articulate some serious rage. Which is much more what I need to hear right now, more than a bunch of smoothing-it-over political nice-talk.

The Gap’s red and blue hoodie has been rightly held up for ridicule, but I expect a lot more of that kind of treacle before Jan 20th, especially from Biden and Harris themselves.

On some level, I almost get it that there will be no justice for a quarter million (or more) Americans dead from depraved indifference.

But for all of that, the healing can’t really begin until Trump is taken away in chains. That’s the catharsis I’m holding out for.

So even if Chapelle wasn’t the funny guy we were expecting, he sure as hell spoke appropriately to this moment. And SNL is never going to live it down, having let Trump host the show during his campaign, back when the joke seemed funny.

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