Watch Dave Chappelle reflect on the shock at SNL after Trump won

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It’s hard to describe how shocked normal, sane people were that this clownish grifter we’d been laughing at for decades was suddenly occupying the Oval Office.

That Wu-Tang Clan joke helped. It’s still damn funny.



Chappelle is not in my good books due to his hubris and anti-trans attitude, and he’s certainly not what I would consider ‘a fount of wisdom.’


IMO, this was the best sketch they wrote that week:


That was a great one…


At work we just sat in a meeting staring at each other completely stunned. It fucking sucked.


and the 4 years that followed were even worse than we imagined.


I was all on my own on election night in 2016; with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, I went to bed early and woke up the next morning in a freakin’ nightmare.

Spooked by that experience, on election night in 2020, I preemptively took the day after off and stayed up all goddamn night.


That ain’t no lie.


Almost dying from cancer-related causes was bad enough. Trump becoming president was truly the cherry atop the shit sundae.


And we STILL can’t get rid of him! He’s like a tenacious case of athlete’s foot that’s been dragging on for 5+ years and won’t die, even after you take the prescription Lamisil pills that fry your liver. He’s like a shameful underwear stain that even brand-name Oxiclean doesn’t even begin to diminish, wash after wash.


I remember having what felt like a knot in my solar plexus for months leading up to it.
That night some other friends went to bed early, they were so sure we’d go blue. They said their tween daughter found them crying at the breakfast table the next morning :frowning:


I was volunteering as a member of a selection committee for a film festival at the time. Which just means that I was watching a bunch of really poorly made films and writing critiques for the filmmakers. I spent the day after the election emailing the head of the selection committee every two hours asking if I could have another movie. I think I watched five, maybe six movies that day just trying not to think about it.

This is the only one I remember and one of the few films I reviewed that year that I liked.


You know what… some people, even some people who voted for Clinton, made fun of people for being upset about Trump getting elected and how silly and overwrought they were being. But you know what? Fuck them, because his presidency ended up being so much worse than we thought it would be.


That’s mighty specific.

Agreed. IMO, the skit @PsiPhiGrrrl posted above gets it just right. It is kind of funny to think that for some whites, it was a real shocker to discover the country is racist, because, duh.
But for those of us who already knew that stuff and had still held out hope that enough of the country would not vote for such a despicable human despite that, it was and still is truly heartbreaking.
Remembering especially the Trump voters and talking heads mocking our reactions, it pisses me off so much seeing all the people with Trump signs still up. I want to shout, “get over it, loser!” But I don’t. Well, not with the windows down :wink:


Hell, I was feeling sick to my stomach and I am half a world away.

It’s the same for Brexit, although that had a much more immediate impact on people I care for and to a lesser degree myself.


I have that same reaction with Confederate flags. The interior of my car could probably tell some stories… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Ugh. Luckily, I guess, I don’t see any confederate flags around here. But good point, same reaction.
There are a non-negligible amount of “impeach Biden,” and trump signs still up, though.
Last weekend way up north I saw one house with a full, large upstairs window covered in a “crooked Hillary, lock her up” flag that made the window look like a prison cell and H was in it.
Also, I feel like kind of an asshole for this, but those flags aren’t cheap, so anytime I see those signs I look around the property and think of how that money could’ve been better spent taking care of deferred maintenance.


I was a lot of things, but I wasn’t shocked or surprised.

More like angry at the system that allowed this to happen. And that anger isn’t going away anytime soon.