Watch Dave Chappelle reflect on the shock at SNL after Trump won

Fuck ‘em indeed.

“GeT oVeR iT! HoW bAd CaN iT bE‽ LOL!”

Clearly not getting just how bad it could — and would be (and how bad it still is because that fascist clown got elected).

I think we all hoped his presidency would just be a short-lived aberration where his incompetence along with the supposed “adults in the room” would prevent anything truly bad from happening, but were we ever proven wrong.


Like many have already asserted, it was even worse than anyone ever expected.

That smarmy quote seen on a lot of homemade signs, “We survived Obama, you’ll survive Tr*mp” sure as fuck did not ‘age well,’ considering how many people died needlessly of Covid.


In some ways, yes. I never expected COVID and the bizarre death cult surrounding it.

The more general feeling of spending four years feeling abused and gaslit? Comes with the territory I guess :disappointed:

There is no bottom to the barrel of what I think the worst thing is that can happen. All I know is, Trump was President, we will always be the country who elected Trump, and the Trump supporters won’t just go away. Electing a Democrat here or there won’t help matters. And even if we do, we can’t exactly expect said Democrat to be a defender of the people.

I’m not sure what the future of this country is, but I’m bracing for impact.


No, they won’t, but many are currently doing a good job of poisoning and killing themselves needlessly.

Come what may, I WILL OUTLIVE THEM.


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