Quotes without line breaks produce extra spaces?


Metacommentarily, may I suggest only one line break after blockquotes?

Snowden asks Russia for asylum, issues statement

I tried to do that, but it didn't work.

This is from the edit view:

There's no space after the quote. Don't know what the problem is. EDIT: I also tried moving the quote tag to the end of the quote and no change.

Damn you, Disqus!! er, wait...


Odd. I've been putting one extra line break after the quote, and it looks about right. Let's see.

No return.

One return.

Two returns.

And there you have it. No return creates a double space. Weird.


Yep, confirmed, no return after the end /quote causes this.

[quote="Cowicide, post:88, topic:1992"]
I tried to do that, but it didn't work.
[ /quote]No return.

(There's another bug with preformatted text and BBcode, so I have an extra space in there before the slash).


Ok, we deployed a fix for this. Let me see:

This text butts up against the quote bracket for no good reason at all.

Seems ok now. You guys can try editing your posts to see if the edit rebakes the HTML correctly; it should.


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