Did something happen to the quote tags?


When posting on phpBB and suchlike, I have gotten into the habit of trimming line breaks around quote tags. I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing that here regularly, but lately it seems to have stopped working correctly.

[quote]Lorem ipsum[/quote]

renders as


Lorem ipsum

works properly:

Was there some reason for this change…?


See my post above.

I neglected to add that there’s also a problem here:

Lorem ipsum
[/quote]dolor sit

renders as

Lorem ipsum
[/quote]dolor sit


Apologies – that didn’t come through in the email.

This is a regression and has been tagged for fixing. Apologies for the interim peskiness.


Lorem ipsum

[/quote]dolor sit

This I am not going to fix, but I will make





We were way too lax in the past with BBCode parsing in the past. It cause tons of edge cases in our parser with a side effects of having hard to read markup.


We have zero plans to make any of these work…




… so don’t do that, or if you do do that, expect it not to work. However, I do agree that


should work, so @sam has made it so!

↑ ↑ ↑



[quote=“codinghorror, post:7, topic:104980”]
so don’t do that
[/quote]The problem is that if I highlight “so don’t do that” and hit the quote button, the cursor is left adjacent to the bracket (as it did here), so the system encourages us to do that. If you want the extra line break to be mandatory, you should probably start by enforcing it on your own quote button!


An excellent point, @sam we should make sure the quote button does the right thing here!


Let’s try now← my cursor was right there when I clicked on the quote button.

Much better thanks @sam, and thanks for bringing this up, such a great point…


Yes, much better.

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