R. Kelly ordered to NY to face racketeering conspiracy and sexual abuse charges

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So was R. Kelly, guilty as he is, offered up to take the heat off a guy like J. Epstein or what?

I believe Epstein still faces all the new charges and a possible life sentence (given his age).


No. Kelly’s situation is a looong time coming, and has nothing whatsoever to do with current national politics. Essentially law enforcement was shamed into acting by journalists who refused to let the story die. People like Jim DeRegotis and Dream Hampton kept enough public attention on Kelly’s monstrous behavior that prosecutors were left with fewer and fewer excuses to avoid getting justice for all these girls Kelly abused.



R Kelly is a completely different rich sexual predator of young girls, who has been operating for decades; though similar in nature, his crimes have nothing to do with Epstein’s, which are of an even larger and more horrifying magnitude than Kelly’s, sadly.

Epstein has much more privilege, resources and connections to powerful people, making him the bigger, more dangerous monster.

Unfuck them both; I hope they rot.


I’d say “lock them up together” but neither deserves the company of even one sympathetic soul.


As others already explained, no. Also, that’s not how this works. Epstein and Kelly are at long last being held accountable because many abuse survivors have publicly confronted their abusers and in so doing helped shine some light on the toxic culture of protecting powerful people (mostly but not exclusively men). There neither is nor should there ever be a limit on the number of abusers who can be held accountable for their actions.


Couldn’t agree more. Just hope the media’s celebrity hype of one slime ball doesn’t outweigh the dangers of a persuasive, well protected slime bucket.

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I once went to Spider House thinking to see some free movie (gawd nose what), but was instead offered the ‘Trapped In the Closet’ video. I laughed and giggled, thinking I was watching a really good parody of the thing, but sometime into it I realized, nope, this is the real deal. I was appalled at that point. That thing is horrifying.

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I hope the judge pees on him thoroughly.

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