Rabbi gives a sermon written by AI

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A priest, a rabbi and an AI walk into a bar.

The AI orders a Red Bull vodka because it doesn’t know any better.


If there aren’t already groups of people out there worshipping the output of a text-based AI (with some blend of irony/sincerity that will eventually be lost to the ages sometume before the robo-crusades) there definitely will be soon. Religious “pioneers” love a black-box that prints erratic, self-contradictory scripture.


Laser etching machines are cheap these days…the real expense is going to be the gold tablets themselves…


I’d be curious to see if anyone is claiming an AI might lack nefesh but still possess ruach or neshamah? Or even if that is not interesting to the rabbi, the degree to which an AI could be “In the world but not of it” might be quite interesting to other religious groups.

Edit to add: I’d be curious to see the results of ChatGPT and its successors if they were trained only on a corpus of religious texts and commentaries. You can be as selective or syncretic as you want with the training data, but I suspect such an AI could very easily hijack a large number of human minds.

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This seems like a bold new direction for the SaaS market.

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