Raccoon sweeps the floor

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Edited out immediately before this clip: Raccoon housekeeper finds liquor cabinet.


More like “Racoon” fails to steal a broom.

I’m pretty sure, if you don’t have woodland animals coming to your aid, you are not pure-of-heart enough.


Missed a spot. To bed without dinner!

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Oh, sure, but try getting them back on the job after a smoke break. Little devils!

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Introducing Racoomba™. Current model has highly limited programmability, but excellent learning skills. Be sure to put Racoomba outside prior to becoming fully discharged, or you will regretfully have some more cleaning up to do…

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I like the ending where he stands up for his treat and rubs his hands together like “Gimme Gimme Gimme”


it is not singing very well.


Please don’t punish me, miss Snow White, I’ll work harder!

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