This raccoon bangs a rock against a glass door when she's hungry

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Don’t feed wild animals, please.


But that’s not a wild animal! It’s Rocksy! Spelled R-O-C-K-S-Y!

Love you girlfriend!


First, this would be an audibly assaulted raccoon from my sonic blasting which sounds a lot like “getthefuckouttahereyoulittleshitpile”
Next time, I’d break out the super soaker. Figure out a firing line that overlooks the back kitchen door and riverblast that sucker.

Now if she can grab the 12mm socket and masterlink that I dropped in the grass…well, it would be hard to mask my interest…

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I think that I mentioned before that destroying screens on our screen door when she wanted in the house was a major reason that my pet racoon got given away… (that and the fact that she bit my mom when she tried to get her out of the car, because “car ride” wasn’t an option that day).


Raccoons are NOT wonderful. They are destructive, crap everywhere indiscriminately (e.g., hard on car paint), rabies carriers, and are far too aggressive when with kits and/or are too inured to humans. That’s the short list.


The shredding the screen trick is how our cats let us know they’re feeling too lazy to jump up the the cat door in the window. It’s in the window so the coons and possums can’t find their way in.


That raccoon would fuck up that dog.

Did you see the look in its eyes!


In my experience, shouting never scares off the raccoons that occasionally get at my composter. They’ll saunter off just outside the range of the garden hose.

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