Raccoon attacks Seattle


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Sacrificed for the good of the other raccoons out checking the darkened trash cans for food. Till animal control came by and caught a bunch (like 15+ of them) there were some that wandered through our yard regularly. They can get big.


I had to reset the clock on the microwave. Damn you, raccoon!



embittered animals

I’m working that into my daily céliaque’.


Someday street pandas will replace us and our progeny will be ransacking their trash bins…


The outage blacked out 38,778 customers, and of course, one raccoon.


Around here they’re roadkill or coyote kibble. Sometimes in rapid succession.


Our LA ones disappeared… We had a little tribe of rather large ones that was always around our neighborhood – they seemed to think that our old Maine Coon was one of them since they appeared to be pals.


They can’t compete against a cat that large, pal-ing up was a survival strategy. :wink:


What is that?


Squirrel Girl could not be reached for a comment.


The racoon jihad has pulled off another successful suicide attack!


It could be worse. In Japan, the raccoons (racoon dogs really) shapeshift and have giant inflatable testicles



Slang for “digestion” or what doesn’t digest, etc. Hence the embittered animals I will be BBQ’ing latter.


aw what the hell, Rocket didn’t have that long a lifespan anyway.


Those bastards are smart. I had a war with them over pond fish food, and I had a tough time of it. I started with a little can with a plastic lid on the porch. that failed spectacularly, so I moved up to a 40 gallon metal trash can. Next, I learned that I had to bolt a hinge and lock hasp to the lid to keep it on. The raccoon’s solution to that was to push the can over, and roll it off the porch and down a hill until it hit a tree and came open. So now the can is chained in place. I always have a trap nearby, and catch them regularly. After I catch them, they are given a ride to a place about seven miles away and across a river.


I grew up with a pet raccoon – they are incredibly clever and resourceful.


Are they not also incredibly difficult to have in a domestic environment? I don’t know what kind of mental picture to put with a pet racoon. Was it a semi-wild racoon who came to hang out with you, or was it a situation where you lived in an apartment and took it for walks on a leash?

Man, what would racoons look like now if we had started domesticating and breeding them thousands of years ago instead of wolves?


Orphaned and bottle-fed, but still a wild critter.
We lived in The Sticks of northern WI. She was actually registered with the WI DNR (we had to get a fur farm license) and we had a vet who took care of her vaccinations/etc.
She spent the nights in a large pen in our barn, but spent the days adventuring with me or in the house – she loved going for car rides. We only had her for 3 years (I was ~6 when we got her). She did start to get more difficult to control as she got older – would tear the screen on the screen door because she wanted in the house. The last straw that made mom give her away was when she grabbed my mom’s wrist (bit) when ma was tossing her out of the car after she snuck in – she didn’t break the skin or leave any marks, but that was then end of her stay with us.