Rachel Bloom’s “Lady Boss” is an anxiety-ridden feminist empowerment anthem

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My Lady Boss like that.


Shared this with my wife who is a “Lady Boss” at an industrial facility. She really enjoyed it and thought it struck very true to the challenges she faces in her role.

I’d say knowing that it was close to true helped me understand what that’s like for her.

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In my experience of working light commercial construction (hotels, retirement homes, school renovations, ect), women are massively under-represented on these work sites.

Entire jobs go by without seeing one woman in the field, or maybe one or two out of hundreds of male workers.

It’s not just that they are not at the top level of management, they are almost non-existent throughout the work force.

However, my experience is confined to a small slice of Central Pennsylvania and Maryland, so it could differ greatly in other regions or in different levels of construction, such as residential or industrial.

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