Rachel Maddow connects the dots between a billionaire Russian oligarch and a bizarre Donald Trump deal


So what is the count now, how many Trump cabinet members, advisers, or confidants are connected to Russian money? Five?

Did the media miss this during the campaign because they were paying too much attention to the garbage spewing out of Trump’s mouth and Twitter account? I know some of it surfaced, which is why Manafort was canned mid-campaign. If only they’d dug a little deeper a little earlier.

If if if. . . .


I don’t watch cable news, so all I know of Maddow comes from news stories and soundbites. I wasn’t prepared to see such explosive information delivered in such a tedious fashion. A good script with a good editor could have presented this in ten minutes. Or, if Maddow had to fill twenty minutes, she could have gone into greater detail or even done a second story. Instead she drones on an on, beating us on the head with the most obvious points and re-stating others over and over. I didn’t appreciate the smirks and ironic asides, either. I don’t mean this as a personal dig at Maddow–maybe all CNN reporters talk as if they’re haranguing a stranger on the bus. All I know is I was very interested in this material but I kept skipping ahead to see when she’d get to the point.


Another dot…


Sadly, she’s actually on the putatively left-wing network, MSNBC (Gawd deliver us).


Maybe you aren’t her target audience?

The brilliance of Rachel Maddow is that she builds a story, slowly, with context and speaking to many many POVs. That takes time. A snappy story written your way could have got that DATA out over the airwaves faster - but speaking to all those points over time, reinforcing them, rather prevents all those points from being brought up as holes in the story. She weaves them and makes a strong case. It makes it hard to lose focus and grab one detail to help one miss the point, when the theme is repeated.

What’s your rush? Does it help to be in a rush with things like this?



looks like the story for grace kelly who travels with suitcases full of the rocks
but don’t mention the via investigation into fifa rolls


The real twirly moustache and monocle part of this is that it couldn’t have possibly been groomed any better by the right. By feeding a couple of decades of Rush/Hannity/O’Reilly/etc “Democrats are Literally the Biblical Satan” propaganda and Alex Jones conspiracy nut job FEMA-trailer nonsense to the public, we now have a case where the conspiracies really /are/ Alex Jones quality. But no one will believe it, because it sounds like the left-wing-nutjob version of some some wacky Alex Jones fever dream. It’s genius really.

My fear is that it might work and that no one will care. See also: Media Outlets praise of Trump after the stupid speech in front of both houses of congress. “He didn’t say he puts ketchup on hotdogs, so he must be an OK guy, really”. Man we’re so screwed.


Something interesting I’ve just learned: Rybolovlev’s private plane was at the small airport in Concord, NC on November 3rd, the day Trump had an election rally there. An eyewitness who is on Twitter said

A summary: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/1/5/1617288/-Is-Dmitry-Rybolovlev-Putin-s-Secret-Courier
And (since I don’t really trust the daily kos to be, you know, free of mistakes) more hard evidence in the links here: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5otimt/trump_team_and_russian_oligarch_rybolovlev_may/

Trump himself did not arrive until later, but I don’t find that that explains anything. Maddow’s “dots” involving Wilbur Ross, Josef Ackermann and the Bank of Cyprus are, frankly, still a little unclear to me. I want to hear more details there, of the kind that don’t just amount to a lot of very rich Russians keep their money in Cyprus.

But Rybolovlev’s and Trump’s planes being 200’ apart at a small North Carolina airport, there’s just no proper explanation for something like that. Now, I’d like any and all Internet sleuths to try to punch holes in this, please! If major media has passed on this, I kind of don’t get why.


They did; they played a major role in getting the treasonous fool elected.


I too find her delivery to be too methodical. There’s another problem I have with her delivery but I can’t put my finger on it. Probably just personal preference.

With that being said, I think she delivers her talking points in such a manner as to not misspeak, and, so even a layman can follow along.


I think there’s different styles of reporting depending on the medium and the venue. This story was very methodical and built slowly, but as she said in the beginning, this was her “A-block” story, a story crafted to fill that first, headline-level block of news on her show, so rather than lay out all the facts in a soundbite, she spoke to the sort of person who’ll sit back and watch her whole segment, building each fact, giving setups and resolutions, backing everything up with references, and repeating things as if giving a school lecture. It was a segment seemingly designed to make sure all of the pertinent names and facts sunk in with repetition and careful talking points.


Yeah, I’m a little baffled by the whole thing. Maybe Comey was just like: “If I make this announcement and sink Clinton’s campaign then I’m going to go down in history for arresting the president! I’m catching the big fish now!”


I’m sure Jeff Sessions will make that a top priority.


The constant leaks seem to indicate they have made those connections. For this sort of cases though, you need some political backing higher up. “Your gun and your badge” is a more likely scenario than indicting the POTUS on international money-laundering charges that are hard to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Comey is just a scumbag. I don’t think even he thought he was sealing the race, was probably just trying to score some points with his R cronies.



That’s Maddow’s style and that’s what her viewers love. Personally, I can’t stand it. But it doesn’t really matter; the truth is the truth and it is available in many other formats.


Yeah, I’ve tried to watch Maddow before and I can’t take it. Obviously she’s doing something that a lot of people do like, but I’m glad I get to read about what she said here rather than actually watching her say it.


Rybolovlev’s plane’s registration tail “number” seems to be M-KATE.

And a tracking site:

Edit: Free reg and you can access four months of history. Entire flight history available for purchase.