Racism via dress code is not uncommon

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Who makes a dress code like that? Fool, prepare to be pitied.


I’ll be teaching a dual enrollment class this semester, on a HS campus. It’s a majority black public school. They have a uniform policy. A friend sends her kid to a school in the same county, and it has many more white students, and no dress code policy.


Kids could not go to the charter school without a uniform. Regardless how many uniforms students from the year prior would donate to the school for use by the next class, smaller kids, it was shockingly hard for folks who needed those uniforms to get them. Where were all the uniforms going?

One of the many things her charter school/district did that was just not cool.


That really sucks and is absolutely designed to punish the working poor by forcing them into sub-standard schools while people of means get a leg up. I think pulling her out was the right move.

Being hoarded by wypypo would be my guess…

For this particular school I’m teaching at, I don’t know what happens when kids can’t pay for the uniforms, as it’s a regular public school. The kids get in trouble for not having uniforms.


Thats the gig. The poor kids who couldn’t get a uniform had to go to the shitty, underfunded school. State took a look, years after we pulled my kid, and said NO, thank god. The County tried to step in a few years ago but the parents are running a god damn racket in that district.

This is billed to make sure everyone gets treated the same.


This is well and truly fucked.


Came here for the “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” reference…

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In the 1980’s I was working for a large company, that had an after-hours get-together at a local bar. One of the managers, a black man, was impeccably dressed in an elegant business suit. He was denied entry because he had a very tiny goatee between his lip and chin, which was stylish at the time. Whereas, I, a white guy, with a full scraggly beard, and nowhere near as well dressed like the manager, was let in without a problem. It’s been over 40 years since that incident, and such BS persists today.


We used to send our daughter to a private school that had a pretty strict dress code. It wasn’t a uniform, because there was still some freedom of variation in colors (something like 3 or 4 colors for tops and 2 for bottoms) were acceptable, and girls could were pants, skirts or dresses (boys were just pants).

However, they made it real easy for anyone who needed a little help financially to get clothes that fit the code. They actively encouraged parents to donate the clothes their kids outgrew to a school Shuk (yes, it was a religious school, just guess by that name which one) that sold (or sometimes just gave) them to others for just a few bucks.

Unfortunately, yeah, it’s something that can really be abused to box out the “wrong kind of student”.


It is possible for school uniforms to be less expensive than usual children’s clothing. And it ought to be simple to simply give families in need a few uniforms.
It’s that charter schools have a profit motive and don’t want to give out free stuff or offer helpful inexpensive clothing.


Which is unfortunately the “bare minimum” everywhere, for everything, SMDH! :roll_eyes:


He asked to see the dress code and they refused. Just crap made up on the spot. “We have this rule, but you cannot see it”. Just like “laws” that are made up on the spot. (Which has happened locally in the past. They used to tell Taco trucks that they had to move every few hours in Hillsboro because “It was the law”. No such law existed.)




Lenahan telling a bartender to “get these niggers out of here” over a club’s radio system.

Over the radio??? People do not understand what “broadcast” means.


Even then, you can’t win a rigged game. Racists get suspicious of well-dressed marginalized groups. As the article notes, it’s all arbitrary with one single purpose, discrimination.


Criminally underrated movie!

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Whenever anyone is writing up a dress code, they should make sure that it involves firing every awful-acting adult as the first rule, because awfulness is more disruptive than non-uniform clothing.


I think this kid knows exactly how that dude feels…


I can’t find the clip, but there was a comedian talking about dress codes for clubs. He listed off a bunch of things, and summed it up (paraphrasing). “Just say no black people, I can read.”

I suppose some dress codes makes sense and are pretty neutral. (no shirt, no shoes, etc). And I guess if a place is fancy that require a jacket and tie, ok. But yeah, a lot of the club and bar codes are to keep out certain kinds of people. :confused:

Oh and too many chains? What, he has too much money to be there? I’d want the people flaunting wealth, they are the ones buying the good stuff.