Racist christmas tree


No, they’re an ‘anybody who likes spicy, over-processed junk food’ thing.


I think you (sadly) just described me to a “T”…


I just described a lot of people in the US, regardless to skin color.

That ignorant racist assholes attribute popular things that many people like (such as fried chicken, watermelon and ‘Takis’) solely to Black people speaks to just how petty and narrow-minded they are.


Don’t worry, I’m sure the misguided scamps will get a thorough talking to before they’re sent, armed, to be placed in what inevitably becomes life or death situations for the people they’re supposedly there to “serve and protect”…


Yeah… that ship already sailed long ago; I’m a working-poor Black woman living in America.
I have no faith whatsoever in our law enforcement system, our ‘justice’ system, or any of “the powers that be.”


I think every culture across the globe has some variation of fried chicken.
Also…Popeye’s fried chicken is particularly a “New Orleans” style “Cajun” which is more poor French Canadian mixed style than purely African American… It has far more heat in it for my tastes. Popeyes does do a excellent “Dirty Rice” which is cajun style rice mixed up with chicken gizzards and liver…(don’t knock it until you try it).


But that doesn’t mean those things should be used this way when they are also known racist tropes. Kind of like whatsername saying she’d attend a public hanging, don’t say and do dumb shit that is known to be offensive by anybody with two brain cells to rub together. (Or if you do, don’t be surprised when you’re called out on it.)


Nothing, nothing at all…


A couple of weeks paid leave right before Christmas sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I imagine they high-five each other. “Whoo, hoo! Vacation time!”


One of the taproots of American policing is keeping Black people down and scared and killing enough of them that they realize it’s never safe to lift up their heads and demand to be treated like full citizens. Remember the demonstrations starting in Ferguson? Black Lives Matter? Portland, where Chief Outlaw proves daily that Blue runs deeper than Black? All those White women calling 911 to get rid of Black people doing legal things? The War on Drugs which is effectively a War on Black People? Mass Black incarceration.

What is it that you don’t get?

Police culture is racist, and many aren’t shy about expressing it when they’re off-camera. Minneapolis, for all of its reputation for being somewhat Progressive, is quite racist in large overall.


Nice deflection! Seriously, the “Well,actually” is strong in you.
You know and I know that fried chicken, like watermelon, menthol ciggies and the rest has been a classic racist dogwhistle since before either of us was born.


yeah, I’m with you. so my original post was removed as being ‘off-topic’ by some admin. I guess they missed my point. I was trying to make a point that while their actions were obviously racist, the items they picked are enjoyed by everyone. It’s almost childish at this point. Kinda like fired chicken and watermelon, everyone loves fried chicken and watermelon. Yet racist a holes keep using these things to do racist things thinking they are clever and funny. No, it’s not even close to funny and it shows your have a racist sense of humor at the level of a 12 year old.


I don’t get how that turns into an office Christmas tree with empty malt liquor cans and cigarette boxes. Like “Hey, I’ve got an idea one how to humiliate and degrade someone and mock liberal PC culture! Lets put some stereotypes on a Christmas tree. That’ll own the libs!”


Did you see previous posts on BB about police departments across the US having an upper limit cap on IQ for hiring officers?


Can we have a lower one as well? :smirk:


Sorry, that would defeat the purpose.



Some follow-up, from our local news:

The festivities on Friday night weren’t organized by the police department. It was put on by the people who live here, aiming to showcase what their community is really all about.


Also, fried chicken keeps slightly longer without spoiling outside of refrigeration – it was a high-calorie protein food for field slaves that didn’t make them sick. Even now it’s generally considered “lower class” fast food (with few exceptions). Hence the racist associations.


Tell any grandma here in VA, black or white, that her fried chicken is “lower class” and you will experience such an ass-whuppin’ as will be recorded for your posterity that they not repeat such blasphemy! :wink: