Some of the Most Racist Moments in Fox News History


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“they make a living off inflaming racial tensions.”

Tucker Carlson was describing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. . . or his own network?


That was vomit worthy, to the max.


This video is autoplaying in my browser, wth? Please no autoplay media on the blog :slight_smile:



Nuff said.


I have been informed that the REAL racists are the precious snowflakes who recognize and call out acts of blatant racism.


Mine says connection refused. I guess I am doing something right.


I thought it was going to be a live feed.


I appreciate this, but I can’t watch what I anticipate will be a 48+ hour video in one sitting.


See, it’s only bad when black people do it… /s


Yup, autoplayed for me as well. (Chrome on Win7)


With a few of those, it’s clear they accidentally spoke their mind, and then quickly corrected themselves. I could kind of forgive those, at least they’re trying. Leopard can’t change his spots.


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Remember when ya’ll posted that caricature of Obama wearing a backward baseball cap and speaking ebonics? That was a fantastic, and not at all racist post.


To be fair, this seems like good advice.


Stepping away from a crack pipe is good advice.

Implying that you have a crack pipe in front of you because of your skin color is racist.


Um. Wow. Ok. I feel like an idiot now. I didn’t watch the video (it was crashing my browser) and wasn’t reading the text carefully enough. I didn’t realize that this was a quote addressed toward Ms. Waters.

Yeah, that’s clearly racist and terrible.




Her human mask looks a little crooked.


Here at BB? Is there anything else about it you could share to help me find this?
ETA: If that is what you are saying, i just want to make clear that i don’t disbelieve you. I’ve always enjoyed your infrequent contributions.