Racist christmas tree


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Probably I just don’t understand racist cops, but… I don’t get it?

Also: aren’t we supposed to be ranting about the left’s war on christmas?


You have misunderstood the HuffPo article. The name of the precinct is the Fourth Precinct of Minneapolis. The “Fourth” designation does not mean that it’s the fourth precinct in Minnesota to have a racist Christmas tree.

There are still plenty of racist cops in Minnesota (it’s in the U.S., isn’t it?), but no one is reporting that this is the fourth incident (no one, except Boing Boing).


photo circulating on social media shows a holiday tree with empty beer and malt liquor cans, a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen cup, cigarette packs and bags of junk food like Funyuns hanging from it

Oddly enough that also works as a redneck tree


I’ve always been baffled by the whole watermelon-fried-chicken meme, because everybody loves those things, but for some reason it’s hilarious when black people do?


I have to agree. Growing up in the south, your grandma was always judged to “make the best fried chicken around.” Always. Race did not play a role at all. Maybe it’s a northern thing?


“As soon as it was realized publicized what the display was, it was removed,”



The classic Dave Chappelle routine aside…

There’s a real story behind it:

Chicken, a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-breed animal protein livestock, likely became a racist trope in the same way. I’ll leave it to others to speculate on grape drink.*

[* yes, I know, food deserts. I just wanted to reference grape drink. So sue me.]


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If you use Xmas season as an opportunity to mock and degrade people that you hate, methinks YOU’RE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG.




you really have to wonder what goes through their heads.


You’re obviously right, and I’ve removed the line. But if you watch the Huffpo video report, the newsreader says “a fourth precinct,” which is why I believed otherwise.


Same reason nobody ever made fun of a white kid for eating a banana.


I know, I know, there’s no profit in trying to work out the logic of racism.


Thanks for fixing it!



I would like to take this opportunity to share an Ashton Xmas tradition, as the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Trilogy CDs come out and go on pretty much continuous play. This is our favorite tune. Oh, and fuck racist assholes with a dry fir tree.


On a positive side, Minneapolis’ Hennepin County elected a pro-immigrant gay sheriff.


Came to the comment thread to say this too. It’s the Fourth Precinct. It’s particularly disturbing because the Fourth is located in the primarily black neighborhood in Minneapolis. Interestingly, the police chief, Aradando, who is pretty awesome by the way, is a black man who used to run the Fourth precinct. I’d imagine he has some pretty strong feelings about this all. As a school teacher I support the due process rights in the police public sector union contract, but I would definitely mandate some serious re-training and demotion for the officer responsible. And I would consider reassignment to a different precinct as well.


Are takis really a “black” thing? Here in So. Cal. they’re a hispanic thing (and also anyone who loves a good spicy snack). Turned my white jewish wife onto them a while ago, and after an incident involving great regret and GI upset on her part after tucking into much of a bag of the “nitros” (rather than the usual “fuego”), she’s apparently a huge fan.

But yeah, it’s pretty amazing that this would go up in any workplace. But with the po po, I guess it’s not a surprise.