Racist Iowa Republican Steve King asks why racism has such a negative stigma

I was so close to getting bingo, if only he’d said “judeochristian”.


Given your joice of concepts I would guess this method only works on American white nationalist assholes.

That and OP’s comment were some of the deepest, most insightful bias neutral thinking I’ve ever seen on BB.

Ironic that its in a thread about a man so openly vile and ignorant of his own thinking and that of those around him


I can only guess he was not paying attention in his “Western Civilization” classes. Race did not enter into those discussions whereas White Nationalist and White Supremacy have always been about race.


I want out of this timeline and into the better one. The disgusting orange boar, and the other like minded pigs, ruining this world is as surreal as a video game.

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Every civilization has its good and bad aspects. Chinese civilization had foot binding and mind-boggling fatal civil wars, like the 1860s Taiping Rebellion (perhaps 30 million dead!). Does that mean anyone who is Chinese and loves Chinese civilization also needs to defend foot binding and the slaughter of the Taiping Rebellion? Of course not…

Replying to myself. Some stuff I’ve noticed from staring into the abyss.

Breitbart has recently tried to distance itself from seeming on the surface to be the cesspool it actually is, while still cultivating that same cesspool.

“Jew”, “Libtard” and a bunch of other terms get you into the moderation bucket. This changed recently, and when it changed was when prominent Democrats started getting bombs in the mail, and the Synagogue got shot up. Within a few days of these events, in fact.

I’m not sure how long before, but it wasn’t always this way: Their Disqus forum is inaccessible outside of their site, and locked down so it can’t be indexed by search engines. I suspect that after the main flurry of posting is over, they go back and nuke the majority of the thread from orbit, because lots of times I can’t find stuff that I know was posted and didn’t get moderated.

It’s all very telling. And it seems like it works; I know conservative readers of Breitbart who really don’t believe me that it’s a cesspool of racism and homophobia. That the editorial tone is anything but, and they’re not signaling to those people at all.

I’d love to see someone just make a daily comment scrape of the site, just so the less shitty conservatives can actually see it going on.


Steve King can’t be evicted from office soon enough. But on the plus side, he exposes the dark underbelly of the Republican Party for all to see.


It seems to always bear reposting, sadly.

I look forward to a day when I can stop quoting the usual Malcolm X, Coretta Scott King and Maya Angelou adages to people, because it won’t be necessary anymore.


why did he not learn any of the merits of the history and civilization would be a better question.

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I’m imagining a short Batman story in which Robin finally loses his temper with the Joker and rips him a new asshole based solely on Joker’s complete failure as a clown. “Mister, I knew clowns. And you, sir, are NO CLOWN!”

Basically, King is utterly unfit for public office and should be removed immediately, as well as barred from public office for life. His racist assholery is fused too deeply with his mind and cannot be corrected with any known means.

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The argument you are making conflates cultural pride with white supremacy. There’s nothing wrong with shouting “It’s great to be Scots-Irish!” but there’s an awful lot wrong if that’s followed by “I deserve political and economic power over people of other races, nationalities, and beliefs because I’m Scots-Irish, and I am going to promote that idea with violence, intimidation, and institutional racism!”

I am with @tuhu on this. It isn’t that we cannot disentangle “who has done worse to whom,” it is that we seldom acknowledge those atrocities. Instead, we build mythologies to salve our guilt- the early American colonists didn’t wage decades of vicious, genocidal war on the Native Americans, they fought back to protect their families from scalp hunting savages; the Civil War wasn’t fought over the right to chattel slavery, it was fought over state’s rights. And so on.

Human history is the aggregation of horrible acts committed by awful people, occasionally leavened by altruism, bravery, and hope. There may not be a “fair score card on that,” but if we were honest about our past, we could begin to dismantle the legacy of blood and pain we have built on top of.


What a country, where the f’ing president isn’t pilloried daily for his unwavering approval of scumbags like Steve King.



That is (somehow) implied in the Western Civilisation bit.


Worth noting that there are states actively fighting that change. Texas comes to mind first. Referring to slaves as workers, removing references to uncomfortable truths, eliminating the teaching of critical thinking skills. In situations like that, “western civ” rapidly becomes an exercise in racism.


“Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

It’s called “Eurocentrism” it’s a well-known problem with American education that has been talked about for decades you willfully ignorant fuck.


The three word quote is from the end of the article on snopes. Trump and his cohorts will simultaneously make-up history while denying that history exists without their approval.

It is a system of repression similar to wrapping up the incomprehensible suffering of First Nation peoples into a catchy if somber figure of speech.

ed. And yes, sarcasm. i had thought about it a few times before adding it … and I’m sorry if that pushed any one in the wrong direction.

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What nonsense.

Mark me down as being against racism. I’m relieved your ideas still have some negative stigma associated with them.


Well sure, if you take a simple-minded view, like excluding all the second-class citizens brought in as guest workers to supplement an aging population who have now become sources of tension, if you ignore the economic stagnation and social ills that have resulted from ethnocentric exclusionary policies, and if you ignore (as @Auld_Lang_Syne points out) the historical mistreatment of native-born ethnic minorities in the country.

It’s unfortunately and ironically becoming one, thanks to Likud and it’s ultra-nationalist and religious fundie allies. But if you’d bother to study the country’s history you’d know it was founded as a very strong reaction to the phenomenon of ethnostates, which always tend to incorporate or at least tolerate anti-Semitism to a greater degree than open and diverse societies do.

So? He’s not asking you to live there, and I doubt you’d want to move there permanently.

The Economist, by the way, is always happy to give such an award to any country that’s moving away from a command economy toward joining the neoliberal consensus. That doesn’t make Armenia a global beacon of liberal democracy or confer a status as one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

How were the autobahns? Did the trains run on time? I ask because, as we all know, such things completely counterbalance any negative aspects of a de jure ethnostate. Hungary is not a peaceful country with liberal democracy and a strong middle class and a dynamic economy.

There are people in all three countries asking for just that. They’re unfortunately matched or outnumbered by those countries’ Know-Nothing 27%s, who are pandered to by conservative politicians.

And in any case, there are native-born ethnic minorities in these countries, just as there are elsewhere (including the U.S.). And, just as elsewhere, they’re discriminated against by the terms of the ethnostate.

“Backwards” is the correct term. And it is suffering in terms of preserving its own legacy as an immigrant nation (involuntary immigrants, at first, but none-the-less).

It’s an attractive place if you’re from a country that’s poorer and more repressive than Thailand, in other words for desperate refugees. In general, the only Westerners who want to emigrate there permanently tend to fugitives from the law, men with “unusual” sexual desires, and the usual assortment of starry-eyed and naive expats trying to find “authenticity”.

I also still see no answer to this question from you, which I’ll repeat here and in any future topic where you try to push Identitarian views:

You might also answer @Loki’s questions about the English while you’re at it.