Racist professor fired


Racist professor fired


Apparently Grimes said on Twitter that he loved the video so much he watched it twice. Yet apparently saw nothing questionable.


We had a prof at uni who was – let’s just say – suspected of sleeping with Mein Kampf under his pillow. Everyone, from other profs to department admins to the student body, had something to say about the guy. My first course with him was a revelation: He started off by telling the class that he knew immediately who would not make it through his course – then proceeded to point out who “… you…you…you…” wouldn’t make it through his course; he pointed at only the minorities. Four years in resulted in numerous complaints and several lawsuits made against him by various racial/ethnic groups. Blacks. Jews. You name it. It was only a few years after that, that he was fired. Along the way, we had learned that he had come to our uni “straight from the industry”, i.e., some aerospace entity; I wish I knew why that was… but I have a suspicion.



Darren Grimes is suing the BBC for saying that he described his own web site as

a safe space for racist and homophobic views

What he actually said, during his video appeal for subscribers to his web site, was:

Do you hide your political views for fear of being called homophobic, a TERF, racist?

As I understand it, the US courts would regard this as hair-splitting, and throw the suit out.

But in the English courts, I suspect that as he did not say the literal exact words attributed to him by the BBC, there’s a reasonable chance he’d win.

English libel laws suck.


He’s another eight-wing grifter who fronted a pro-Brexit group in the run-up to the referendum and which received a lot of money through dubious means. He then moved on to various right wing AstroTurf groups run out of Tufton Street in London and his latest enterprise likewise has dark money behind it.

Whenever he’s confronted about his claims, he falls back on either the free speech defence, or that he is gay, or that he doesn’t have a degree. He’s a victim in all this don’t you know?


He might jot want to do that. The case would only proceed if he could prove it had affected his reputation and income. The BBC lawyers would demand access to Grimes’s books and then he would have to divulge the source of his money - which his group have been loathe to do so.


I did not know that. Defamation Act 2013, correct?

The vert best thing about Grimey is how unbelievably dense he is - You usual right-wing commentator can at least explain their ridiculous stances and form some kind of a argument - Grimey is constantly confused, misunderstood, and wrong-footed.

It’s a joy to see him thoroughly dismantled again and again!



there’s your “cancel culture”

Further fallout:


but those weren’t the views that forced his resignation.

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No, that would be weird. I have to admit, though, although I was aware of his unionist stance I didn’t know how much of a Scottish Tory Neil was. I wonder what Tony Pollard thinks of him these days.

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