Radiohead: lavish 20th anniversary reissue of "OK Computer"

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DAMN! We were hoping all the mystery would result in a tour announcement, but I guess that’s not really Yorke’s style. Sigh.

Definitive ranking:

  1. OK Computer
  2. The Bends
  3. Kid A
  4. In Rainbows
  5. Hail to the Thief*
  6. Amnesiac
  7. A Moon Shaped Pool
  8. The King of Limbs
  9. Pablo Honey

*I know this is controversial but I don’t care. There There is an all-timer.


I might flip 4 and 5 and Moon Shaped Pool hasn’t settled for me yet, but I’d say this is basically spot on. Also There There is fantastic.

My heresy is that Sulk on Bends should have been How Can You Be Sure. Back in the day I even burned a CD with them swapped.

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lol The Bends over Kid A go home you’re drunk


Sorry, this ranking is definitive.

I may or may not be drunk, that’s not the point.


Their US tour just wrapped-up a couple weeks ago. Europe starting in June. I took this pic from the nosebleed seats in KC last month.

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So they could rename it OK Google?

Fixed it for you :wink:

  1. In Rainbows
  2. OK Computer
  3. Kid A
  4. The Bends
  5. Amnesiac
  6. A Moon Shaped Pool
  7. Hail to the Thief
  8. King of Limbs
  9. Pablo Honey

Stop making me feel old!

I miss Douglas Adams.

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We were hoping they’d hit cities they missed last time… :frowning:

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