Video for new old Radiohead track "I Promise"

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omg, i love this.


There aren’t many bands who could record a song as terrific as this and then just lose it in a vault for 20 years.


Lots of guest cameos. At least I think. Is that Getty Lee at 1:12?

And featuring the young Ash from the movie Alien.

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Yeah, remember how during this period, Pitchfork would give anything Radiohead put out a 10/10? Way to justify that.

I think I recognize that guy in the bus…

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Good lord, his voice in that period.
Sounds like a new/modern mix, doesn’t it?

When I was younger and would listen to all their bootlegs and unreleased songs, I hoped “old Radiohead” would be cool in the future and open up the vaults like this. It’s great to see them turn out to be everything I hoped they’d become. Love that band < 3



I was thinking of the Purple One when I wrote that! I’m fascinated to see if we’ll ever get a glimpse inside his legendary vault.


not Geddy Lee, but if i didn’t know he was already dead, i’d say Mitch Hedberg. : \

Mr Hedberg will be surprised to learn not every photo of him is from when he was younger.

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Agree with whomever it may not have worked on OK Computer but stands on its own. Someone should remix this in the style of that classic.

I miss the ‘old Radiohead’ - the one I could decipher the lyrics to without pulling up google.

In a way - Reggie Watts take (as seen on BB), represents the ‘new Radiohead’ to me - something I just can’t say I like.

So - wish list time. Give me a Radiohead album that I can 'bounce (not mope) along to, experience positive intensity, and understand what the hell is being said. And guitars, goddam it :wink:

A Moon Shaped Pool is about as close as we’re going to get to your request, I think.

Maybe not? Who knows.

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I’d suggest “In Rainbows”. Very upbeat and bright album. Their most recent album was recorded as Thom Yorke was breaking up with his dying girlfriend and Jonny Greenwood was composing movie scores, so it’s very beautiful, but not exactly um, rocking. Bands evolve and change. It doesn’t make them bad if they’re not necessarily making the music you prefer.

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