Reggie Watts's classic Radiohead parody


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Reggie Watt’s version is far more interesting than the original.


Isn’t this just the hipster equivalent of your dad complaining that rap is just about drugs and guns? It’s the laziest possible joke.


I’m not sure that performing a song on beat with a looper and running all the audio equipment live counts as lazy. Low hanging fruit, sure. But Reggie picks it with a flourish.


The joke is what’s lazy. Lucasfilms spent a billion dollars on Phantom Menace, and many talented people spent years working on it, but the script is still really lazy. Lazy concept != lazy work.


What kind of music do you think is interesting?


Hey that’s a great tune. What album is it on?


It’s an entertaining bit that I’ve enjoyed once every few years since I first saw it, but the more I watch it, the more I think, “yes, that’s a method of emulating the sound, and the music still sounds good, whether it’s Radiohead’s discography or Watts’ version.” I wish I could mix like that.


I hear that brother.


I’ve always wanted to hunt down some explanation of how Reggie’s pile of synth weirdness is actually used (because there has to be one), but I don’t want to lose the magic.

I’m partial to his cover of Van Halen’s Panama:


You could start at the Gizmodo article on Reggie Watt’s gear from a few years ago,… mostly it lists the gear he was using then. I’m a sucker for gearheads that do a stand up job of the music, c.f. I Am Kawehi - YouTube


Oh, is this the sort of thing Reggie Watts does?

I only know him from appearing in other people’s videos and figured he was some kind of music artist but never saw him doing anything.


Yes, this is the kind of thing he does. Oh, and he talks too.


It’s different in two ways. It’s obvious Watts loves Radiohead, and really understands them. That’s why the satire works so well. The raging Radiohead fans weren’t offended - they were laughing the hardest.

Also, it’s missing the racist element of rap-hate.


Saw him twice in concert. It was both awesome and hilarious!


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