Radiohead's Philip Selway's five favorite albums

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That Fela/Ginger Baker album is amazing. All of Nick Drake’s albums are classics, and Little Simz is one of my most listened to acts of the last year or so. I’m not familiar with the first two but they’re going on my list of stuff to listen to


Great to see Mark Hollis on that list. I miss his music.


One note about that Fela/Ginger live LP-- there are two different mixes of the album floating around, one seems to be mixed without some of the sax solos (I believe most current pressings rectify this but there are pressings from the late 80’s, Celluloid version I think, where they muted the track with the sax.)

Also, it was “live” in the studio with an assortment of friends, but still one of Fela’s best sets. Ginger is only on the B-side but adds his unique energy to an already energetic recording.

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