Rainbow lattice sunstone is beautiful




It looks like my 22nd-century holographic mood ring when its codec is having trouble determining my mood.


Nice word, that "aventurescence". It ought to be used in RPGs more often: "When your hero gets tired, rest to restore your aventurescence."


Pretty clearly that is a glitch in the Matrix.


wow that is more beautiful then any stone i've ever seen, even tops opal.


Labradorite (one of the feldspar minerals) is my favorite opal competitor:


wow! that is pretty amazing stuff!


That looks like the product of a design process. Was it found on Earth? Then that settles it: there must be intelligent life on Earth.


I like that there feldspar.


Grr, why can't I find any nice jewellery made from Rainbow lattice sunstone? It looks terrific! Fairly sure my girlfriend would love a ring or necklace pendant with a nicely polished chunk of this in it...


Because people are idiots? Seriously.

There must be an awful lot of me-too wankers competitively chasing status symbols, otherwise this stuff and opal would be more sought-after than boring old diamonds and such.

Which provides quite the opportunity to hit a home run with the GF, and comprehensively nail each aspect of the purpose of jewellery with something custom, except the part where you're meant to put your balls in a bank's vise.


Wizard? That's obviously a FĂ«anor product.


Hahaha, well said Kimmo.


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