Rampage shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

There is a line, decided by a jury, between expressing an opinion and from agitating someone up enough to kill with your words. This has been the case for a long time.


Minor details. Hard to fit through the eye of a needle with ones loins girded and have you ever tried to find peace in a size 131/2?


Exactly, and there is a clear distinction between “Planned Parenthood should not receive taxpayer money” and “Everyone grab a gun and shoot up a PP building right now!!”


Unless the videos under discussion explicitly called for some sort of vigilantism (I have not seen them, perhaps you have?), they are clearly speech which is protected by the first amendment.

Assuming that the videos do not contain any such incitement, to contend that the videos’ authors are responsible for actions such as the Colorado shooting is exactly to suggest that the nutcases should get a veto.

This is a separate issue from the truth or falsity of the accusation in the video. Planned Parenthood certainly has the opportunity of seeking damages for libel, and I totally support their right to do that.

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Where does “They’re murdering babies there! Up next: a completely not-fake video of them murdering babies (that was later debunked) while we talk about them murdering babies!” fall when it is on Fox News (over and over again)?



.[quote=“albill, post:217, topic:69897”]
it is on Fox News (over and over again)?

How many times did you personally hear those exact words on Fox News?

It’s OK to answer “zero”. I won’t rag on ya Bill.

From the guy who brought you this year’s “War On Christmas”…


Okay, so I knew Joshie boy had specifically told his followers to carry around guns, so they could shoot people who don’t say “Merry Christmas”, if push comes to shove.

But he’s now instructed people to harrass medical practitioners, and “make them afraid for their lives”.

I don’t understand why he has not yet been arrested, since he’s doing illegal things.

I can only guess that the reason is because where he lives, the cops are unwilling to obey the law, and are unwilling to enforce the law.

Fuck Josh, he’s a terrorist, in the most literal sense of the word.

BTW, here’s the video Joshua Feuerstein took down immediately after the PP shooting, because he knows it incriminates him and makes him culpable of inciting violence/ordering violence:


But he’s doing GAWDS WORK KEEPING WHORES AWAY FROM THEIR WHORE PILLS!!! Back in those god-fearing kitchens little ladies, and you better give it up whenever your husband says, or he is well within his right to beat you… /s

I’m so fucking depressed now.

Keep telling yourself that. I’ll keep living in the real world.


Strangely, I don’t actually watch Fox News (or any television other than specific shows which I download sometimes).

And my name is “Al” though that mistake is made more often than I understand.


I’m sure by now this counts as a RickRoll for you, but I gotta post it. Just cuz I played it about 20,000 times in the high school pep band at football games.


since roughly 1988 or so…


For people who quote the bible so much, they sure bear a lot of false witnesses.


There is nowhere in the US where christians are even a minority, except possibly Clearwater FL, where the scientologists have basically bought the town and run the place. A christian claiming religious persecution in the US is like the LAPD complaining that they don’t have enough M16s. They have plenty, and the christians have been running the country for over 200 years now. They’ve got nothing to complain about, as the most massively privileged demographic in the country.


Well then, some Jewish comics have definitely lied to me…


Sorry I got your name wrong, Al.

Since you never watch Fox News, you must have had some other way of knowing that they scream “Murdering Babies!!!” over and over and over again.

(I assume that by “they” you mean the FNC broadcasters themselves, not some yelling protester seen in a clip).

Not because you’re all Bill? (My brain has been inserting an extra ‘l’ in your name forever, it seems)

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Is Fox News really watched by anyone? I thought I read something somewhere that it was just two sad older guys and some bots.

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