Rampage shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

Taken into custody? After shooting multiple police officers, no less?

Now we know for certain he’s white.


One line from your link really stuck out for me:

The building’s bulletproof windows proved to be a challenge for police as they tried to bring the incident to a close, Pegues reported.

Medical facilities performing legal and necessary treatment have to have bulletproof glass, and it’s still not enough.


Look at the bright side. Odds are at least one of the cops was a racist and/or fascist asshole.

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I try to limit my schadenfreude to individuals, not stereotypes.


I can’t believe you people bought the “we don’t know if PP was the target” line. Whoever put that out there was really good at obfuscating the first reports about the story and every media outlet followed suit. Maybe it was the building next door but, are we all suckers?


May have been targeted at PP. May have been an interpersonal issue directed at an employee or patient. May have been a random nutcase flipping out by chance. Some of the hypotheses are stronger and more likely, some are weaker, and at this moment we do not know anything so we’re just guessing.

Let’s wait for a while, for more data, it won’t kill us and premature speculations won’t help anything.


I’ll know more by morning. For now I just say this of the shooter:

Christ, what an asshole.


What kind of flimsy fantasy world do you live in?


Also probably good to set the limit somewhere below getting shot.


It’s been less than four weeks since the last mass shooting in Colorado Springs :cold_sweat:


Wasn’t it a rhetorical question?


“rampage shooting”. that’s a good one like “mass shooting”, both of which are euphemisms for act of terror or terrorists attack (what’s the difference again?). it’s definitely not a random act if it’s made against people and property associated with PP and the AK47 is definitely symbolic of terrorism.


Kevin Swanson also was calling for it pretty loudly, in front of three presidential candidates at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa.

Seriously, Kevin Swanson’s as much of a terrorist as any imam calling for suicide bombings. He’s stated explicitly that “good christians” should be killing gay people. He’s calling for the government to kill gay people, and 3 presidential candidates are actually listening to him, instead of doing anything else.


What the hell, sheeple? 52 messages and not one defending our right to bear arms yet?

Remember, guns don’t kill people. Conservative, white, Christian males make a purely coincidental decision to kill people…with guns.

Nothing to see. Move on until next month.


Next month? More like next week, if you’re lucky, and quite probably tomorrow.


Rather curious what home country that would be, where violence by immigrants is simply not reported?

The countries, whose news organs I am familiar with (and some of which are generally considered among the refugee welcoming fraction of this messed up world) don’t seem to be shy about reporting on violence by immigrants.

Tell in what part of paradise is your abode?


Surely, that should be totally irrelevant in every which way. Abortion is legal in the US. PP is offering a legal service. Every single person who is threatening violence on that service or on individuals providing or receiving that service should be treated as a terrorist and /or indicted for instigating hate crimes, which ever applies in their case.

Protection of the rule of law, along with a democratic process of law making, differentiates dictatorships from democratic legitimate government of / by the people.

I thought it is this ideal / idea that X wars have been fought by US & Allies over the past century…

Period. Discussion over. PP should be able to run their services without becoming the targets of violence even if 100% of their services are abortions.


I get extremely tired by these self important people who tell other people what is or is not appropriate. It is almost always either an attempt at shutting down argument, or an attempt to prove someone wrong after your original argument flopped.

The OP was writing about double standards. If we did not write about double standards when someone somewhere was shooting people, we would never write about them at all.
(In the Roman Empire, the doors of the Temple of Janus were opened in time of war. Which meant that, practically, they never shut.)


So I trust all the red state governors are bringing in bans on refugees from Colorado as we speak?