Rand Paul to force test vote to gauge Republican support for Trump impeachment trial

Rand Paul is a horrible person. Before becoming a Senator this guy was pro-choice, anti-Israel, pro-legalization, and held a variety of positions anathema to Republican politics. But in order to get elected he put those in his back pocket. “You can’t get elected as a Republican in Kentucky if you say those things out loud.”

Now this:

““I want Democrats to raise their hands if they have ever given a speech that says ‘take back,’ ‘fight for your country,’ who hasn’t used the words fight figuratively?””

Uh huh. Ted Cruz is a blithering clown when it comes to using this crap to further his political aims. Rand Paul, though, is dangerous because he’s smarter than Ted and knows how to play the game much, much better. He knows his audience, and is much more tactical about forcing his colleagues to go on the record.

““Democrats claim to want unify the country but impeaching a former president, a private citizen, is the antithesis of unity,” Paul wrote referring to President Biden’s consistent calls to bring the country together.”


ETA: The Senate voted down Paul’s resolution, but not enough Republicans joined in to ensure a conviction for impeachment. Because, of course.


“Who among us has not incited a bloody insurrection and attempted coup at one time or another?”


Fuck this guy and all these assholes. I am so over all their posturing.
They want to talk unity? Get your party members to wear their masks on the floor, to stop trying to bring weapons into the workplace, and call off Boebert’s ridiculous attempts at impeaching Biden.
Then we can maybe start to talk about what a path to unity might look like.


Your neighbor?


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I hate this man with the power of a thousand suns.


Nietzsche: "Hatred must be learned and nurtured, if one wishes to become a proficient hater.” The Trump years have, unfortunately, helped me become proficient.


Also, why all of a sudden can the “minority” party force votes and it gets all this press? Why haven’t the Dems been doing this all along to make a bigger deal about Rs voting against survival checks, etc?

I knew memories were short, but the sheer swiftness and extremity of hypocrisy this time around in light of the extreme past 4+ years is making me feel like I accidentally put psychotropics in my coffee.

(Narrator: She didn’t.)


I try to be generous and give people the benefit of the doubt… but this man has proven time and again that he’s little more than an opportunist who will always go low. He and his racist shithead of a father need to get out of the public sphere. Their championing of modern Libertarianism has done maybe irreparable harm to the country.


Because a) establishment Democrats are actually very bad at playing politics, and b) the media treats the Republican Party as the protagonist in every story, so even when they do try, the response is never the same. Consider: when Trump won, the press called on Democrats to compromise with Republicans. When Biden won, the press called on Democrats to compromise with Republicans.


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