Rapper arrested after writing and performing song about his alleged crime

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So many gifs to chose from, but also, what a sad ugly story :frowning:

Glad I’ve always listened to Jeru.


“Is you taking musical notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?”




On the bright side, his album sales/streaming royalties are going to skyrocket.

Well, uhhh. . . I guess this is the definition of “not frontin’” but I can’t say I approve.

What’s-her-face told me you shot this kid last week in the park
That’s a lie, you was in church wit’ your moms. --O.C. “Time’s Up.”

You can’t stop The Prophet.

Is this really allowed? I remember something about you can’t profit off your crime by book or movie deal based on your crime. Should this song fall under that?


Hmm, that’s a serious reply to a fairly frivolous comment…

I was attempting a little humor based on the principle of “thereʻs no such thing as bad publicity”. I assume his listener base will increase because of his notoriety, and therefore his royalties would increase as well. Whether those royalties will accrue to him or be diverted as you suggest is beyond my knowledge.

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Ah, life imitates art

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On the one hand, I notice that the people being arrested based off of their songs tend to be on the more melaninated end of the scale. Pretty sure that’s why some places are passing laws against doing this, in addition to the fact that a song, book, movie, etc cannot be taken as fact, by the nature of the medium.

On the other hand… don’t confess your crimes in your song, or book. or movie or painting, whatever.


Johnny Cash sang about shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die but I don’t think the authorities were ever able to pin him to a specific killing.


I suspect that that is why they went specifically with the:

bit. I have no way of evaluating the truth of that claim; but the fact that they bothered to make it at all suggests an awareness that “confessions” in a genre that rewards theatrical puffery about your seriousness as a criminal are not in themselves convincing.

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I wonder if The Chicks were ever questioned in regards to the disappearance of a certain Earl?

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