Yet again, police arrest gentleman with "Crime Pays" tattoo on his forehead

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And good new gals…he’s single!

Can we get him as a contestant on the Bachelor? I’d so watch that.


“The crime of maintaining a common nuisance requires the State to prove that a person maintained a building or car that is used by persons to use illegal drugs or for unlawfully manufacturing, keeping, selling, or financing controlled substances or drug paraphernalia.”


I have a friend who was involved in some… illicit activities before I met him.

He said people who say crime doesn’t pay are doing it wrong. YMMV.

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Hedge fund management? International arms trafficking? Pharma rep? Conservative think tank? Derivates development? Real estate?


“Yet again, police arrest gentleman with “Crime Pays” tattoo on his forehead”

He is getting free room and board.

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AIUI, an awful lot of criminals are doing it wrong, at least if earning good money is the goal.

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I guess crime pays in installments?


Under a certain income threshold, yes, by definition you’re doing crime wrong. Steal $100, you’re jailed or shot. Steal a BILLION, they write scandalous books about you and take back 1/5 or so -.-’ .


Hey, if you don’t get caught, then it ain’t crime. He’s waiting on pay day, Oh, yeah.

This guy can take over Bob Barr’s post after cheeto fires him for criticizing him.

He’s got Trump’s motto tattooed on his forehead, hes dumber than a sack full of sacks of broken hammers, he’s white, and has no problem committing brazen crime.

In other words, he’s perfect for a Trump cabinet post, or being his next UN ambassador!

I wish I was kidding, but after that pardon of Rob today- this new guy’s got everything it takes!

please, let me out of this fucking nightmarish hellscape of a souless country full of morons, anyone

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I get strong Donnie Junior vibes from this guy. Fits all too good:


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