Rare albino orangutan rescued from cage in Borneo


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/22/rare-albino-orangutan-rescued.html


Much more adorable than the Great White Apes of Barsoom.


Well, given that this orangutan didn’t end up being named Monkey McMonkeyface, I’m guessing this campaign didn’t occur on the open internet.


Just as well; too many people the Librarian would have to bounce upside down on their heads till they really understood that orangs are not monkeys. (Or chimpanzees).


The photo is not of an albino ape. Or he is wearing contacts to protect his red irises.


She is wearing contacts, you mean. That is obviously a female orangutan.

She is possibly albino, because albinism doesn’t always cause pink eyes, just very pale eyes that look pink in certain light. She could be leucistic though, and not a true albino.


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