Rat trapped on an escalator




The moral of the story is ‘never try’.


It’s either that or ‘go and bite the lazy fucker filming you’. If you’re a rat, of course.


More like: “Go find the escalator going down.”


An allegory of marriage.


No, no, that’s the part where the rat is crushed to within an inch of its life in the horrible steel jaws of the escalator. Then it has to put the damned kids to bed.


Not trapped, just working the cardio.


Its a rat trap Billy, and you’ve been caught.


he slows down when he gets to the lip, maybe this is a rat thing to check out the lip before climbing over it, but if he didn’t slow down he could have gotten off the escalator.


This reminds me of the time an escalator I was on stopped. My fellow passengers and I were trapped there for hours.

But seriously … it’s been a while since I’ve been abroad; do Europeans still keep walking when they get on an escalator? I love that. Here in America, people get on an escalator and their legs cease functioning.


That rat has found the sweet spot, which is two inches from the stationary plates.


Welcome to the rat race, buddy.


To the author: believe it or not but that’s actually a saxophone. It has a lot of vibrato, and he tends to play part of the theme song to the Godfather on repeat 'cause the guy is crazy.

It used to drive me nuts until I found out he was my neighbor way down near Balboa Park. I’m glad he’s internet famous now.


Is that what’s called a step class?


Pretty sure that is just a trumpet, my friend…


Gee, in Washington DC, standing on the escalator is the signature move that marks one as a tourist. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they would simply stand on the right to let the rest of us through.


Jesus, I hope he washed his feet afterwards. Any other day of the week and it would be a large, ■■■■■ human turd rolling against the bottom step…


I presume eventually either someone took pity on it and hit stop or chased it the other way, or exhaustion caused it to disembark at the top, or animal control was called and dealt with it in some reasonably non-painful manner – the poor critter’s been through enough.


If it were to get to the top it’d face the same deal except it’d pulled under and be done. It’s a rat. There’s probably 20 within 3 feet of this one.


Oh, sure, Mister I-Was-A-Rat-On-An-Escalator-And-Got-Away-Clean.