Is Escalator Rat the new Pizza Rat?


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There is a lesson in this somewhere. Poor little thing.


“Get back on that stair machine! If a rat can do it, so can you!”


Not even the worst busker this week.

Not saying they’re any good, but it can be much, much worse.


It’s got what it takes to become a viral video.
Is the bubonic plague a virus?


What was that? A muted trumpet? Some kind of outlaw theremin?


I empathize. We are all just running the rat race.


The video omits the resolution of the situation. Did he go up? Did he go down? Does he ride the escalator to this very day?


Just like in our lifes there is no way out.



Pataas o pababa?

Well, at least it’s not the Sex Bomb Dancers!


He’s riding the MTA!


Don’t blame me, I voted for George O’Brien.





How poetic and apropos an inversion. Courtesy of Don Marquis:

quote buns by great men quote

one of the most
pathetic things i
have seen recently
was an intoxicated person
trying to fall
down a moving stairway
it was the escalator
at the thirty fourth street
side of the
pennsylvania station
he could not fall down as
fast as it
carried him up again but
he was game he kept on
trying he was
stubborn about it
evidently it was a part of
his tradition habit and
training always to fall down
stairs when intoxicated and
he did not intend to
be defeated this time i
watched him for an hour
and moved sadly away thinking
how much sorrow
drink is responsible for the
buns by great men
reached and kept
are not attained
by sudden flight but they
while their companions slept
were falling upwards
through the night


(Note to the confused, like me: bun was 1920’s slang for a hangover.)


Nope, bacterial.


Then it’s a bacterial video.
“It’s gone bacterial” will be a new catchphrase. I guarantee it.


Escalator Rat is truly a modern day allegorical hero for us all, doomed to work at our Sisyphean tasks without letup, amid the jests and jeers of onlookers.


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