Rather than regulate guns, Texas seeks to teach battlefield trauma care beginning in the third grade

  1. Yes, this is insane.
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No drag shows or nudity though, KTHXBYE. Or sex ed.


Certainly not. I suppose that’s another argument against the kids being exposed to realistic training - Republicans don’t want people to actually see the results of an assault rifle attack.

Right - as I mentioned in a previous comment, they’re literally canceling the sex ed classes at the same time they’re starting the trauma first aid classes (presumably with the latter replacing the former) in at least some Texas school districts.

They will. The only question is if they’re going to take the rest of us with them.


The fact that they’re wanting to give teachers guns without actual training suggests they won’t give the required training to the kids, either (even “hands on” doesn’t necessarily mean sufficient training) - which is a different issue from whether they’ll be treating them all as if they were cops/medics. Certainly they’ll do that.


Even if we were to set aside the basic obscenity of the proposal, it isn’t very likely to be successful. Among adults who have had stop the bleed trainings, correct application of different types of tourniquets (beyond the CAT ones used in the original training) is pretty low, in lab settings. Effectiveness of the American College of Surgeons Bleeding Control Basic Training Among Laypeople Applying Different Tourniquet Types - PMC The existing trainings use guides like inches and finger widths, for an audience that has tiny hands and is just learning measurement, that is going to require substantial modification. Chest seals and similar equipment are hard enough for small adult hands. There is also the possibility of the child having to roll their adult teacher, potentially a difficult task.

Last year I was looking at what was required to do bulk trauma care trainings for a large number of activists and street workers. The logistical hurdles for arranging such training for a few dozen dedicated adults from all walks of life was hard enough. I can’t dream of trying to fit discussions of a tension pneumothorax between the times tables.


My layman’s understanding is that the professionals use pigs for ‘live tissue trauma training’.

Since we’re already maintaining the arsenal in case of 30-50 feral hogs it seems like the perfect crossover opportunity.


Pissed off Beau is kind of intimidating. This is good. He needs to be. This is stupid.


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This just shows how far they’ve sunk into this ideology that glorifies violence and revels in destroying “their enemies”…


Fascist delenda est. Every speech should end with this. (Don’t get on me about declention. The meaning holds.)


Useless performative “solutions” to deadly problems? Why, that’s the Republican brand!


Your declension notwithstanding it’s uh the conjugation, I am guessing “fascists delendum” in the imperative works, or perhaps more accurately “facismus delendum.”1 (Uh, sorry, two years of college Latin with Dr. Franzen.) But yeah–the Cato quote–noted.


Having lived in and around Austin, Texas for 30+ years, I can scarcely tell any more what is mere performative attention-seeking behavior for the RWNJs in the Texas state lege, and what is a serious proposal of theirs.

That any human being anywhere could promote “everyday” battlefield trauma care, even in a calculated insincere way, like those experiences you describe as a professional, beggars belief. That Texas legislators seek to make 8 year-old kids somehow “ready” to address battlefield gore is criminally dangerous. (Will their end of year 3rd-grade awards include “Medic”? :person_facepalming:t4: )

Do people–in the Texas lege and elsewhere–truly believe that their cruelty and cynicism will be largely mitigated by boring responsible adults who will outvote them, so their ideas have no consequences? or keep their Cruelty Is the Point BS in check somehow?

I ask rhetorical questions.

So many Republicans in the Texas House and Senate delight in triggering ThE LiBs and sucking oxygen out of the news media space. The more absurdly RWNJ they are, the more notoriety they garner, for zero money paid, except of course whatever the NRA has been and/or is quietly putting in their respective campaign funds.

Any young Texans who manage to survive to adulthood will duly note the love, respect and care they did or did not get, from their family, friends, school, various forms of LEO and government, etc. They will either leave Texas first chance they get, or they will rebel against the prideful stupidity of their elders and shake things up when they come of age. They will not forget their suffering. Bet on it. And they will not forget who they have to thank for that suffering.

Those legislators and their cohort who sold out their fellow Texans who died by gun violence, those people have names. Even as indoctrination swings into panicky overdrive to keep the younger generations disunited, scared and hugging guns, those kids will remember.

I just talked to a 21-year old getting ready to graduate college (a Texas college) this month. She’s sharp as a tack and even though she is reluctant to do so for her sanity’s sake, she is considering getting involved in Texas politics. She’s fed up with the BS all around us here, and I see her point. The future is about her age group now. All I can do is support her in whatever ways I can.

More culture war? No.
I’d say my young friend is aiming more for culture peace.
She grew up here, a life during wartime, and has had a bellyful of lies.

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The thing about the “culture war” is that it’s being waged almost exclusively by one side…


The World According to GOP


Nope, GOP’s own country.

Oh, wait…


They are really all about creating solutions to problems that could be easily solved by just making it harder to get guns and not continuing to promote an agenda that fetishizes them. Let’s arm teachers! Let’s just give up because criminals will get guns anyway. We can’t regulate guns, the second amendment says we have a god given right to have guns! And so on.


Kids don’t need to get shot, and that part in bold is complete bullshit. Every shooting, every day, proves otherwise. Everybody who thinks otherwise is ignoring the bloody truth in the news right in front of them.


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Change a few words and you get this:

Kids are going to have sex, and we need them to be knowledgeable and prepared to navigate the complex emotions and difficult decisions that accompany relationships, while emphasizing that sex is a fun and fulfilling part of life.