RCMP: Former Canadian mint worker smuggled out $180K by hiding it up his butt


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/21/rcmp-former-canadian-mint-wor.html

Canadian man accused of smuggling $180k in gold in own arse
The soft sexism of functioning pockets

And this is the guy they will blame for full cavity searches before going home now.


I’m pretty sure they can charge him with money-laundering.


A mint employee was directed to attempt to recreate the feat, lubricating an identical puck and inserting it into their anus, which apparently worked fine.

Excuse me?

The next time anyone complains about worker protections in the United States, I am going to point to this story. American employers may make their employees take it up the ass, but only figuratively.


pecunia non olet


What What?


The four worst words in any job description: “other duties as assigned”.


It’s articles like this that really make me appreciate my job.



It’s from The Annuals of Catullus


What do you get when you cross a mint worker with a bull lion?

20 years!


Is that the big list of which things you can and cannot put up your butt without offending the gods?


And somehow, Cory omits that the judge overseeing the case is Justice Peter Doody? Srsly?


A rose by any other name…


Seriously. Also, sheesh, these Canadians—crazy for pucks.


Give him a job at Wells Fargo! What a con!


Since the introduction of the one- and two-dollar coins in Canada, this is a common way of carrying loose change, so as not to wear out one’s pockets. Hence the expression, “Can I bum a loonie off you for a Timmie’s coffee?”

Anyway, we have universal government-funded health care, so if necessary the employee can get an enema of the state.


“Duties…hur hur”


:notes: Gonna take this job and shove it.
I won’t have to work no more.
With a little luck I can fit in another,
And still walk out that door.
I’ll be sitting on a gold mine,
My retirement is secure.
Gonna take this job and shove it.
I won’t have to work no more. :notes:


It’s called a Prison Wallet, guys.


“A mint employee was directed to attempt to recreate the feat,”

That falls firmly under “not my fucking job”.

Though, hey, not judging maybe the guy, or gal, was cool with it.

“Oh, no, Br’er Bear, not the briar patch!”