Re-enacting William Tell with a twist


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Alright, something fun to try out with the kiddo! (ETA - to be clear, for those that don’t know, she’s the archer. Her team has made state and nationals the last 2 years for the NASP program.)

Wait, what am I saying?

Seriously - uh - don’t try this a home. Yes this stunt can be done safely, but, uh, there is also a good margin for error.


Did we not learn from that woman who killed her boyfriend because a dictionary could totally stop a deagle?


I’m not recommending it either, but don’t be fooled by the backyard setting - Orissa Kelly does this professionally.


That really happened? Probably depends on the dictionary, but the Desert Eagles .50AE is a monster.


“She fired from about a foot away with a 50 caliber desert eagle while he held the book to his chest. It did not stop the bullet.”


William S. Burroughs got into some trouble playing this game using a pistol


The twist was that was not her son.


I bet the blooper reel is a gas.


yep. nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide leaking from the lungs; methane from the GI tract.


I probably would have unintentionally figured out a way to shoot myself.


Unusual and awesome simultaneously!


It’s a whole event at the World Nomad Games.


The Complete 20 Volume Oxford English Dictionary, Dude. Worthy f**k’n adversary.


I can tell you this: He won’t forget their anniversary again any time soon.


I wish people wouldn’t do stunts like this.


I mean, it’s a win-win scenario. Either you pull it off and you get picked up on the internet, or you kill your ex-assistant and it gets picked up on the internet. Surely these are both good outcomes right?


You misunderstand. I wish people wouldn’t do this because I’m developing my own version of the stunt, and don’t enjoy the competition.


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Well played, well played.


It think it is a job for Capitain Disillusion!