Read this powerful essay about mustaches, Blackness, and masculinity.

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Ooo, an opportunity to share possibly my greatest contribution to the internet - writing this episode of Rocketboom!

that was fun : )

this article was really good – as a bald, mustached person, i assure people that it’s not “compensating,” it’s just all i CAN grow (no beard for me, alas!), and i have a right to express myself through follicles somehow, you know? in the same vein, i’m currently encouraging my Pandemic Eyebrows to achieve their full Gandalf-like potential.

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Have just discovered an amazing ability to power hair from the lower part of my head (hasn’t happened north of the border for many years)

I’m enjoying giving names to the various stages:
The early Clooney - manicured stubble
The Sean - Hunt for Red October
The Attenborough - Richard not David
The Assange - leaving the embassy
The contemporary Clooney
The Letterman
The full Karl Marx


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