Reader shares a 1946 book: 'BBC War Report from D-Day'


D-Day was such a massive undertaking that there are so many perspectives to view it, and little niches to explore. The media coverage of D-Day sounds pretty fascinating. How the media presented it, how the media was used by the war effort, the logistics of journalists covering an intense campaign, etc. People were glued to their radios at the time, and the Allies had a full media strategy to keep them there and confident of victory.


Lots of normal chaps fought for us. People like those who read this blog. The miracle is they won. I hate all that ‘we value your service’ and the US fetishisation of being in the current military, but all those scared humans who went into D-Day on our side: I love you. I say this with a grandfather in charge of a tank factory in Berlin at the time,.

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