Real Stuff: "The Mouse, Man!"



That was real? I thought it was urban legend.

The Mickey blotter seems real:

Maybe you’re thinking of the temporary tattoo/sticker scare?


You can get a contact high from bumping into a guy on acid? Man, that’s strong stuff.

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Hey Dennis, did you not used to work for The Rocket?

Nowadays people get uppity about ecstasy pills stamped with things like the McDonald’s “m” or the Harry Potter “H”, I hear.

I wonder how the Girl Scouts feel about the “Girl Scout cookies” being sold in the cannabis dispensaries.

A wizard did it.


It was real. I remember it distinctly. Nice stuff. And it wasn’t just in the Northwest, it must have been all over the country. I remember it being available in Michigan.

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Eventually the feds took out the lab that had been making most of North America’s LSD in 1996.

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I’m not sure I can tell you how I know about this… or even THAT I know about this…

But yeah, that was something someone might have known about in '83-'84.

Four-way? Oh… Some folks should have been so instructed, about 30 years ago.

And Chicago. It was excellent quality. I remember it as very late '70s, though - but what is time, really?

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