Real Stuff: "Was My Face Red"


I’m willing to bet the bar he met her at was the Blue Moon, although that’s technically in the U. District, right next to Wallingford.

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He had a love affair with a wild person who would up and shout crazy shit under circumstances where regular social contracts would seem to prohibit the behaviour. Initials happen to be KKK, hmm?

I feel this is a bit like William Burroughs’ description of shooting his ‘bitch’.
Which always seemed to me to be a pretty startlingly obvious admission.

What was that?

For a second there, I thought the snoring was a tribute to Dagwood Bumstead. But the spelling is slightly off.

Wait wait wait… Nazis on Star Trek?

Oh yea. In TOS, Enterprise and Voyager

Manic pixie dream girl of the 1970’s


Time travel, or Space Nazis? Please say Space Nazis.

Enterprize was space nazis

Episode was called Storm Front 2 parter.

They are completely awesome Space Nazis.

Guess she must be one of:

Nazi planet.

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It’s hard to gauge whether this is brave high concept sci fi or just filmed in the studio next to Hogan’s Heros.

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So why did she marry her landlord? You can’t throw that out and not explain it.

Cheap/free rent?

But yet he did. The cad!

Both, probably. TOS had a really tight budget, and it was no doubt a relief when they could film an episode set in the Wild West or Rome (or some space equivalent thereof) and not have to whip up yet another set of costumes and sets that they’d never use again (although they did recycle most of each, in one way or another). But it was also an interesting commentary on a school of thought that maintains that there can be such a thing as a “good fascism”, pointing toward Germany’s economic recovery or Imperial Japan’s rapid modernization and saying, well, if only they didn’t do all the bad stuff, it would be OK. The episode is saying, no, it fucking can’t.

I can’t imagine going to SFU while on acid. That place is creepy enough as it is. (Not to say that I don’t like the architecture. I do! In small, very sober doses.)

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