Realistic cactus cupcakes


they look very realistic, but eating that cake-to-frosting ratio would make me gag, i think.


Agreed. I think they’re in that food category of “more for looking than eating.”

Needs some peyote:

I’m guessing that’s what they would end up looking like if I tried making them…


I was just thinking a button atop each of these cakes would look just so.

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I do not care, they’re frekin CACTI! It’s like horror-snacks! I would eat them twice if I could.

CAC_TIE! The horror-garment:


As I am aging my eyes are not improving. I own cacti. I do not want to confuse the two, so I will pass on the cupcake, just in case I end up watering it once a month instead of eating it.

P.S. And I have too many cacti.


Some of those are what would typically be called succulents rather than cacti, but then neither term is exactly specific. And it sounds a lot cooler to say you’re eating cacti. I’m just surprised none of them are those grafted cacti. I always think those things do look edible, in spite of the spines.

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After a button or two they’d look just fine…


At first I was like, “but who would bite into one?” and then when I actually saw the pics, I realized that they left the needles off. I think that you could probably do sugar needles, but they would take forever to apply and could still stick you if you didn’t let them dissolve on your tongue.

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