Realtime chart of "the button" game on Reddit

Wow, 3 posts total, all complaining about how awful the site is. Why are you still here?


I think it might be referring to the nascent culture surrounding the button. It’s quite acerbic.

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Does your mother know what a fine person you are?


He’s probably just a filthy purple. We all know how those types are.


Knowing nothing about coding, I’m going to go ahead and assume it would be easy to create a process to mind the timer and push the button on your behalf?

… wait, this is when I find out the creators of the button are already selling the app for 99 cents?

Are you trying to get on The List?


Well, it is Reddit, afterall.

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You only get to push the button once.

Or, “How To Keep An Idiot In Suspense”


Maybe the user requests how late they are willing to “wait”.

Windsinger’s songs have been silenced. Bravo!

  This user is suspended until August 21, 2042 6:32pm.

  Reason:  name caller

I understand the buttonn, but I don’t understand button-pressers. You only get one shot, and there are more or less unlimited slots above 50s. I won’t settle for anything higher than 10. Then again…


Note to self: set a calendar reminder for 8/21/2042@18:33 to get some popcorn ready as all the trolls’ account bans expire and they come streaming back.


Apparently the Most Useless Machine isn’t just a metaphor.

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I should pay closer attention to those ban expirations. I think one I saw was for several hundred years.

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So, are you going to tell us or not?


I guess I have to ask, what happens when the timer reaches zero? Presumably the button just goes away?

With a finite number of eligible redditers, the timer has got to reach zero eventually. There’s surely enough statistical data to make an educated guess when that’ll happen. Anyone want to male a stab at it?

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Finally had a chance to check out The Button today… And in a mesmerizing 5-or-so minutes of watching, the lowest I saw it go was 50.* (disappeared to quickly to see exactly how low, but it didn’t hit the 40’s). I saw it reset at 59 seconds several times though.

That isn’t a punishment. That’s a motivation to find a cure for death.

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Sonic the Hedgehog sucks.


*Throws things*

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