Realtor sings listing to 'NeverEnding Story' theme, goes viral

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Do you suppose the agent’s fee includes a bit extra to cover the composer’s royalties?

“It isn’t the first one I’ve done, I started doing it a couple of years ago when a property started to struggle and that one went viral in the local area.”

The first song wasn’t successful at getting a sale


Front business (dog grooming parlour): check. Plentiful off-street parking: check. Close proximity to main road: check. Multiple bedrooms: check. Hot tub in garden: check. Our algorithms have found a match to: unlicensed swingers’ club.


Why do people always put slick, un-textured tile down for bathroom floors? Sure, bathmats, but come on.

frustrated frustration GIF

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Potential buyers advisory: Job 1 - Remove ALL of those fake beams.

the never-ending traffic noise…

All that room and the pool table has to be shoved against a wall.

Best Seinfeld Pool GIFs | Gfycat

So, did it sell?

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