Sinks that look like turntables

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No matching tub and toilet?

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Where’s the microphone?


This, like all exotic, individual items of decor, will need to be replaced should you someday desire to sell your home.

Or not. Realtors always make a huge deal about painting the walls white and making everything as bland and generic as possible, but the number of buyers that really care about that are pretty small from what I’ve seen. They have to give that advice because people who are asking “why isn’t my house selling” don’t want to hear the real answer “you priced it too high for the current market conditions.”


I love the bullshit arrangement of the stuffed chair awkwardly facing the sink (which has no actual plumbing attached to it, apparently) from two feet away.

Like looks like AI-generated design.


That sink is probably expensive enough you want to bring it with you when you move anyway

Or you have enough money not to care, in which case ¯\_(ツ) _/¯

ETA: today I learned that the shrug emoji is hard to represent without parts of it being interpreted as formatting tags


Yeah, it’s always a bad idea to put what you want in your house without considering what the next guy will want.

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I suppose that there are many things a person might do to their house that could reasonably be justified in terms of increasing the sale value of the house. A second bathroom. A finished basement.

If someone is buying the turntable sinks for an episode of Property Flippers, then @Hipshot’s advice is important. I’ve never really thought of my home furnishings in terms of potential future value, although that’s mostly because I’ve spent 85% of my adult life renting.

I was curious, so I tried to go looking for how much it might cost. I couldn’t find a price. “If you can’t find a price, you either can’t afford it, or it’s so massively overpriced that they want you to be bonded with a salescritter first.”

It’s… interesting looking, but not exactly practical. But I’m strange like that. :slight_smile:

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Well, maybe. But not if your home is already inherently only attractive to a specific buyer demographic, due to location or architecture or other factors, in which case unusual decor isn’t going to have much additional impact.

Or to put it another way, you only have to worry about making your furnishings bland and conventional if your house itself is bland and uncharismatic already.

Looks great.

Will be a bitch to clean and polish to make it still look good when in use.
Unless you have cleaning staff or a very patient housekeeper, this is not really what you’ll want in your bathroom.

There is already a lot stuff very much like this on the market. I’ve seen enough of it out in the wild and on projects I was involved with.
After too many years in site supervision by now I’m no longer capable to enter any building without looking for flaws and starting to make a mental list. (Sometimes it’s fun when you’re with a colleague and start a round of “OMG, did you see that? What did they think they were doing?”)


Have you seen the exploding vessel sinks? I already thought they were impractical even before I learned that some of them spontaneously self-destruct.

I, for one, can see your sarcasm tags

I believe a deck is the only thing you can add that has a ROI, and that’s only if it suits the place.

I have to disagree with any notion that one should live any part of your life for the next buyer.

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It’s the on-deck circle for brushing your teeth. May as well be comfortable.

+1 for added entertainment value, I guess… but stuff like that should be practical and durable above “looking original”.


I’ve seen an exploding front-loading washer door! Wish I knew the brand, wasn’t LG, I know that.

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