Rebel Bass: Star Wars guitars with Millennium Falcon bodies


This would be just the perfect instrument to add bass track to this:

I have a nascent song emerging in my noggin…
Vader: It’s all about that base; 'bout that base
Obi Wan (with “not the droids” hand wave): no rebels
Rinse n repeat


Countdown to inevitable Disney C&D…

Step one: Acquire Rebel Bass
Step two: Form: “The Corellians” Aw, yeah. Garage space rock!
Step three: Nope, that’s it. I’m good.

I wonder if the creators were inspired by this “Guitar Solo” T-shirt concept from 2008. Either way it’s awesome that someone is actually building those things now.


He played (1/fir)st.

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Has anyone said, “All your basses are belong to us.” yet?

edit: corrected to add “are” in the proper place.


I’m afraid Nerdist has you beat on that one:

As @cunk pointed out, Disney will likely be uttering that phrase.

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That dweeb must have DeLoreaned back to November in order to appropriate my “brilliance” with plausible deniability.

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