Recall Campaign to try getting Stanford Judge removed over light sentencing

Finally, someone who truly understands Tomás de Torquemada’s legal stratagem.

Hmmm… Why does that sentiment sound so familiar?

Unfortunately, if we sink down to the level of our criminals and sociopaths, then we are no better than they are.

Punishment and rehabilitation are obviously necessary, but we have yet to discover an effective means of either.


Was in a very weird discussion about who the best looking serial killer was one time. Um, yeah, Ted Bundy was the winner. I really felt concerned for my friend who seemed to be seriously pondering serial killers as possible dates.


" pondering serial killers as possible dates."



I sure wish *I* could find that shocking or surprising.

I can only presume that you just have had more time to become utterly jaded and disenfranchised than I have, and that’s not meant as a dis.

Gimme a few decades…

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He’s a rich white dude, of course he get a light sentice; ALL rich white dudes get light sentences, otherwise all the Bankers will be in Prison for Fraud.

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