Recommended: Tumbleweed Wine

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Perfect opportunity to call it Tumblewine

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Please correct the name of the town – it’s Clarkdale. I’m very familiar as my mom lived there several years when she was alive, and have family in the area still. Literally was just there in July.

That said, I had no idea this existed and totally will check it out on my next visit. There’s a surprising number of wineries in that area, most notably a couple outposts of Maynard James Keenan’s (aka lead singer of Tool) ventures.

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Oh, you mean Merkin Vineyards?

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There was a movie about his wines in 2010. Don’t remember much about it other than Patton Oswald saying his Cadeuseus wine sounds like “douche”.


IIRC, the tasting room in the nearby area is Caduceus, but yeah Merkin (teehee) is under his auspices too. I haven’t been up the mountain to Jerome (cool art commune town at the top of the mountain above Clarkdale) lately, but I feel like I heard about an outpost of Merkin up there, along with a barber shop that is owned by him.

And I totally forgot about that movie. I need to put that on the watch list since I never saw it.

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Sounds like cross purposes. Or maybe just a good supply of raw materials.

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Came looking for weird outsider homebrew recipes, left disappointed.

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