Best wine-pairings for Girl Scout Cookies


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Archibishop of St Louis says Girl Scout Cookies encourage sin

I think they are wrong with all the red wines.

Assumption: girl scout cookies are made of real girl scouts.
Assumption: girl scouts count as white meat.
Conclusion: white wine is likely to be the best.


This is my first year as the parent of a Girl Scout. This sounds like an excellent way to help me through the fundraising events.


Cookies and wine? Who cares. The real question is why can’t anyone recommend a decent breakfast wine?


[quote=“Immutable_Mike, post:4, topic:73726”]
The real question is why can’t anyone recommend a decent breakfast wine?


Enjoy Thin Mints with a sweeter bourbon, Angel’s Envy or Blanton’s are perfect, Jack Daniel’s works in a pinch.


Best wine pairing for Girl Scout cookies? moar.


Is it “Doc” Brown?

No wonder he has the best wines - buy a couple bottles fresh from a good year, dig them somewhere safe, then deLorean couple hundred years and dig them up and be back home for dinner.

Edit: you may achieve some of that effect with ultrasound.


It has caffeine and even sounds like a bit like breakfast!


Samoas pair better with bourbon.


Aww, don’t they make one in Cornwall? :wink:


This needs to be a Girl Scout badge.


Thin mint cookies and vodka in a blender make a refreshing breakfast smoothie.


I like samoas with an old dark rum.


Technically I think it would be veal, so a lightly fruity red could work, say a young Chianti or Rhone. (I am so going to heck for this joke.)


I am so going to heck for this joke.

You left out the fava beans, so I suppose you are.


All good things to those who wait.

Okey-dokey, Lecter in this thread just got a little too edgy for me. Off to bed…


If you and @shaddack were riffing on anything else there, feel free to let me know. Not sure how I somehow made that “edgy”. Sweet dreams though.


Oh no, we we’re. I just managed to creep myself out a little.

Thanks, you too.


I like to pair my Girl Scout Cookies with some zig zags!