Recreations of pornographic Middle Ages badges [NSFTT]


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See also the Sheela na gig.

And so Dickbutt was born.

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As seen here some time ago.

Anyone interested in these should do an image search for ‘erotic pilgrim badges’- there are loads more to be seen (and quite a few other people making replicas).

My favourite is ‘ambulant phalli carrying crowned vulva on a processional bier’:

Closely followed by ‘enormous phallus with a woman pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with phalli’:

Does anyone know where one can see original ones on display? I’ve seen a few in the Cluny Museum in Paris, never anywhere else.


I vaguely remember seeing a documentary some time ago, about that sort of thing…


I recall that Robert Anton Wilson had engravings of this type of badge in one of his books. It might have been Cosmic Trigger I, or possibly Sex, Drugs and Magic. Given the RAW fandom amongst the editors here at boingboing, I’m surprised that connection wasn’t mentioned!


Just because they depict sexual organs, this does not make them pornographic

Hmmm. Lots of sex organs with wings. I wonder if this could be turned into a marketing slogan for something–maybe a soft drink?

My personal way of defining porn is to wonder what Rule 34 could add to it.
In this case, not much, not much at all. Therefore, it is porn.

Also, “Wingéd Cunt” is now my new favourite insult of the week.


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