We need a "pedant pendant" badge

Per the glorious and official request of @jlw we are crowdsourcing a badge to be awarded here on BBS.

That badge is the “Pedant Pendant”. It can only be bestowed by an official Boinger. And in theory only to one person at a time, though that theory is subject to change…

Once awarded it can be assigned a place of glory on your user profile and user card, much like this:

However, we don’t have a good image to use for this. The above necklace-thing is just a placeholder.

The ideal image will:

  • please the refined aesthetic tastes of @jlw and the other Boingers

  • work well on a black background

  • communicate “Pedant Pendant” in only the way that this image can

  • needs to be something we have reasonable rights to use… mostly…

Anyway, have at it! Looking forward to seeing what you guys and gals come up with.

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Technically, that would be a “pedant mortarboard”.

Oh, you mean this:

How about a pedantic pennant? It could be a flag that highlights the comment without deleting it.

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Maybe something like this but more blingy? Kind of going for a book/owl motif.

Or a Minerva coin on a chain?


I was thinking a hobgoblin would be more suitable for an pedant.
From T’ Internet Archive…

A foolish consistency being, of course, the hobgoblin of little minds.


More of a “semiotic fart” tack:


Will it give +10 to Posting?

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What about a penned ant?

Nobody really use this since I just stole it off DeviantArt without permission.

A variant on @MarkDow’s theme. Obviously in inverted colors. If it is so desired I can make a spiffier-looking actual, scalable, transparent SVG.

Edited to add: Wow. I completely missed “pedant” in the title. I don’t know how. I now fail to see anything pedantic about my submission.


quedant quendant?

It was just supposed to be B a la the BoingBoing logo. But Ps might work…

… if the site was DoingDoing

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bb pp … a self-referential BB pedant pendant.


What about some variation on this…

(Waaait for it…)


except for the q’s, yes!

Rudimentary idea, the pendant is of the shape of a large ‘N’ and the diagonal line of the letter ‘N’ intersects the word ‘pedant’ inscribed upon the pendant.

But like, you know, with some kind of design prowess. I am way too tired (and lazy) to do this properly right now. :cold_sweat:

Just glad it isn’t a “Pendant Pedant” badge. I think hanging people for being didactic is a weensy bit extreme.

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Well actually, copying is not the same as stealing.

Back on topic

eh, if that’s not transformative enough, I’m sure someone with actual skill can create a 16-bit version.


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