So when is this going to be implemented as an official badge?

Otherwise how will everyone know that I’ve been bestowed with this honour? Do I get… like… a letter from the queen or something?


I’m wondering if “commemorative suspension” or “honorary suspension” would be better.

Maybe “honorary commemorative suspension”?

We don’t want people confused as to the grandeur and significance of the badge.

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I like the name “contraspension” it has a ring to it regardless of meaning.


Maybe the icon should be a really tiny violin?


…and he’s suspended again…

When he’s not all gingered up I do enjoy his comments even when I don’t always agree with em.


I wasn’t trying to be dismissive, but in light of some of his recent (now deleted) comments, I wasn’t surprised, and was wondering if he was expecting another suspension himself.

Our resident ‘troll’ seemed a bit narked by some of his comments though. I thought trolls had thick skins?


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Sorry @TrollsOpinion, couldn’t resist tea’s screen-caps… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pffff, no worries. Why should I care if you post a cap of something I said here?

Teapot made captures and posted them? Funny.

He had published those peoples address and the names of their kids, someone other user posted “Yikes!”- I replied to them with the “Yea, this is a little of the top”.

Then he tries to draw me into some BS of his… to which I made the other reply.

And thats the story of that.

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Why should I care if you post a cap of something I said here?

Because it means he and daneel entirely agree with my assertion that you are the kettle calling the teapot black. You can’t take the high moral ground when you’re such an insufferable devil’s advocate the rest of the time. You don’t need to explain the story, I’m pretty sure they are across it.

those peoples address and the names of their kids

“Their kids” are adults, you fool. I did not publish the names of any minors.

They can speak for themselves. Not that it would change anything. Besides you contacted me, not the other way around.

Question, why did you make captures? Were you full of piss and it seemed a good idea at the time? :smile:

I have better things to do when drunk.

Apparently not.

Welcome back.

Most of the time I post here I’m actually at work… being paid to troll you. Welcome to the masterclass.

Well… good. Tall poppies tend to have better things to do.

I’m proud of you???

Are you being paid to troll me?

Glad you like doing this on your own time.

Who is trolling whom?